Top 5 Cities to Launch a Carpet Cleaning Business

capitol business empires

It’s high rises like these that remind us that building a long lasting enterprise is more than just a possibility, but rather, a reality.

Most new entrepreneurs have a good idea and plan of starting a business. A carpet cleaning business is among the best startups with low to medium initial capital investment. This type of business can work and become profitable because it provides a service people need, whether in residential or commercial environments.

There are many potential rewards of starting a carpet cleaning business but also there are some challenges you might encounter. First, you have to prepare all the permits, licenses, and other legal stuff. You also have to develop a marketing plan and create some marketing materials for promoting your local services in your area. You have to choose a proper place for your carpet cleaning business, as well. There are many procedures and processes you will need to handle. You also need to avoid some costly mistakes, for example focusing on gross sales instead of net profits.

One of the reasons why carpet cleaning service providers are successful and the industry is growing is that companies and homeowners are willing to pay good money to have their places cleaned. Homeowners prefer to hire someone to clean their carpets while they can spend more time for their families rather than doing chores over the weekend. Business owners know that is cheaper to hire an outside service provider specialized in carpet cleaning than use in-house staffing that are paid benefits on top of salaries.

By launching a carpet cleaning company, you will dispose of two major markets: commercial and residential. You may focus on both or just choose to focus on one. If you focus your services toward the residential market, you might add some related services besides carpet cleaning, such as window cleaning, maid service, gutter cleaning, post construction cleaning, garage and basement cleaning, smoke damage cleaning, and water damage cleaning. In case that you prefer to specialize only in commercial carpet cleaning you might also provide related services such as complete janitorial services.

No matter what route you choose, there are some important qualities you must possess in order to succeed. You must be honest, hardworking, have determination, dedication to seeing job done no matter what, and a willingness to please your customers. Another important thing is to get the right cleaning tools and specialized equipment as well as certain cleaning solutions and train your staff on how to use them. It will also be important to learn how to build good relationships with your suppliers and customers, as well as how to market your carpet cleaning business. You can find online many excellent books and websites on these topics.

Carpet cleaning can be performed even from your home if you don’t dispose of a large capital for your startup. Every business owner and homeowner in your area who has a carpet is a potential customer for your local service. The entry into this field can be costly, but certainly with this type of service you will achieve a good ROI and every dollar spent on carpet cleaning equipment will pay for itself promptly. To reduce startup costs, you may try to get into this business from a home office and with a portable carpet cleaning machine. If you dispose of more investment capital you may buy a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine and a van. A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is better that a portable one because of the higher water temperature, which ensures a better carpet cleaning process. Other reason is that you can clean more carpet with a truck-mounted machine because you will not need to empty the water tanks so often. The carpet cleaning blower unit in a truck-mounted machine provide a superior suction as well, which will help not leaving the carpet wet and leaving less residue that might led to re-soiling.

Among your potential commercial clients are included condos and apartment buildings, banks, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, bowling alleys, churches, and more. You may easily add to your carpet cleaning service upholstery cleaning and also take care of cleaning love seats, sofas, waiting room chairs, recliners and many more.

When you start your carpet cleaning business, you will need to take care of the legal stuff as well. You must get a permit or license to operate your business. Every city and state have different requirements and regulations, but here are the fees and most common licenses you may need:

· business license

· zone variance.

· fire department permit

· air and water pollution control permit

· sign permit

· state licenses

· sales tax certificate

Choosing a good location is one important factor of success in this kind of business. While you might find potential customers for your carpet cleaning services in any city and town, there are other factors to consider. Some cities make hot spots for starting a small business and are more attractive than others due to their special factors such as strong economies, easy access to talented workforce, and expanding the population. Here are five best cities to start a carpet cleaning business:

Houston, TX

Houston in the state of Texas is considered today the leader in the most attractive cities for entrepreneurs. The city shows gains in employment with a strong job expansion, in population growth, as well a small business growth, with many new startups. Another advantage is that the cost of living in Houston, TX, is below the national average. The state of Texas encourages an entrepreneurial spirit, and there is no corporate or personal income tax. Other local and state business taxes are lower in Texas than the national average. By the way, it also helps if you’re in the surrounding suburbs of Houston, Texas. Local businesses like VTMobile Carpet Cleaning have branched an operation in Humble and Kingwood, Texas which are also prime locations for business – suburbs work! Check out VT Mobile and inquire about their methods at:

Oklahoma City

The small business sector’s growth rate and the job growth are on the rise in Oklahoma City. Same as in Houston, Texas, Oklahoma City offers a high concentration of local investors and an affordable cost of living. There is 52 certified “business incubator” in the state, providing consultancy and assistance for new startups as well as administrative services and access to affordable lease space. You will also find many networking resources in Oklahoma City. The revitalized downtown and the quality of life, along with a talented workforce, will help you to maintain a low percent of employee turnover rate. The state also offers some tax breaks for qualified businesses, cash rebates for job creation and subcontractors to federal prime contractors.


Charleston, SC, has a strong job market and startups growth and encourages entrepreneurship with access to venture capitalists and advisors and seed funding. The Metro Chamber of Commerce in Charleston features an Entrepreneur Center that provides mentoring, business development courses, access to retired or semi-retired executives, and networking events. The city also provides tax exemptions that reduce annual operating costs and startup costs, workforce recruiting and training programs, and other business incentives.


Charlotte shows signs of strong population growth and a healthy small business environment. The nonprofit business consulting organizations in the city strive to create an environment that encourages high-growth, high-impact entrepreneurs. Innovative startups have access to fund grants, to counseling and promotional assistance. Another advantage to start a carpet cleaning business in Charlotte is that the state of North Carolina offers funds and grants, tax credits, low mandatory expenses such as workers’ unemployment and compensation, and low business taxes.


Seattle provides a thriving business sector, and the state of Washington has no state capital gains tax, no corporate and personal income tax. The state also offers some business tax incentives and in Seattle there is a local program offering employee training programs and tax credits.

Pressure Washing in the East Part of Texas

pressure_washing_houstonHouston, Tx pressure washing services are done by several companies with each one of them aiming to provide the best services to their customers. The best Houston pressure washing company is fully capable and actually prepared to ensure that they meet all the customers’ pressure washing needs for any particular type of residential, industrial or commercial property. This is also inclusive of the specialty custom services. Such companies take pride of themselves on producing eco-friendly services that have been approved as all biodegradable and EPA approved pressure washing products. As a client or customer, you will actually feel good about keeping the fresh appearance of your residential area, businesses or investment properties. This helps in improving and maintaining the value your property for relatively longer period of time.

There are a lot of benefits in pressure washing in Sugar Land, Tx that goes even beyond the exterior part of your house and the apparent surface. It is very significant to keep your house or property clean in order to reduce and prevent growth of mildew, fungus or mold that can cause health hazards to individuals as well as causing poor conditions to your property. Power washing is very effective in in keeping pollutants such as algae, dirt, stains, rust, carbon, mold and others from harming your property or family members.

Pressure washing in Pearland, Tx provides services for both the individuals as well as the companies. They provide their services with great and immediate results in a good timely manner for an affordable price. The professional experts and specialties perform their duty diligently with minimal supervision. A part from the main act, other related activities such as professional window cleaning, gutter cleaning, gutter installations and repairs are also available.

For the best services, ensure you get reliable and sufficient information about the available service providers and make a good assessment of all of them before consulting any of them. Though they can provide the same services, their quality varies.

Preparing Your Home for the Summer

Preparing for SummerGradually, cold southerly winds move away, and give way to some rays of sunshine that anticipate a summer that gets it. March, synonymous with spring, has not yet decided between leaving the cold and give us the first heat.

So that summer does not grab us unaware, and leave us to suffer the heat indoors in Nekko and Joruba we wanted prepare you so you can start preparing your patio and enjoy one of the best seasons.

Cleans and restore your floors

Take your time, and sweep the patio or terrace of your house. Remove from the depths of the cracks, crevices, all signs of dirt, leaves and other rubbish that detracts beauty.

Then you can use a spray to stop the dust. If you have a patio with wooden floor, considered restore and reseal the timber. It is an effort that will pay off.

Clean your garden furniture

Cleaning the patio and furniture is something that we ignore the general cleaning during the winter. With the first heat waves and spring air, it’s time to do wonders for your home.

Forgotten are in the garden furniture, which have gathered ground during the cold months. You can encourage your kids for a little help, and with a few moist wipes leave your furniture looking new.

Preparing for Sumer 2
Update your cushions and umbrella

If despite all efforts, your furniture still not give the desired look, maybe it’s time to change. But if the structures are in good condition, perhaps by changing the cushions is sufficient.

Do not forget the umbrella for the sun. If yours has more holes parasol, or directly not have one, it’s time to get a new one.

Add some potted flowers

The color of beautiful flowers gives a very special touch outdoor space. Garnish with a variety of colorful summer flowers windows, walls, and grass. If you are an amateur gardener, will be an easy task, but a challenge, but worth it.

Preparing for Sumer 3
Add solar lights

If there is a path of stones or tiles in your yard, add nice solar lights to illuminate it will be very nice. These solar lights are very easy to install, plus it does not consume electricity, and will not increase your electricity bill.

Protection from insects

While heat is what most enjoyable summer and the outdoors, insects and pests are the least enjoyable part. To prevent these bugs do not enjoy your yard, you can use citronella candles or torches. These are available in a variety of styles and colors, to find the chord to your garden.

Read more landscaping tips and how to organize your space in your home.