About Us

Nekko and Joruba is the the company of Jim Aasgier – and the idea was birthed one night while Jim was thinking about the stain of coffee that would not be removed from his shirt.

He remembered a funny TV show about two guys that would perform antics with simple small stuff. He forgot what their names were, but through it he decided to just name them “Nekko and Joruba”. From this he remembered that these two characters devised a magical formula to get rid of any stain they came across. As you can imagine, funny antics ensued.

It’s through this that Jim has founded a company based on his good sense of humor, as well as the fact that he cleans homes, both inside and out, and at the same time cleans up the mess in the marketing industry.

You see, Jim is an original DIY, but he did it because he knew that knowledge was the key to life change. Inspiration was just a short moment for him, he knew that he had to take action, and he has dealt with many unscrupulous people that have used, abused, and notoriously taken advantage of him and many other business owners.

As life would have it, those criminals have had their businesses fail, but Jim emerged through the ashes victorious because he decided to take his life, his business, and all of his endeavors into his own hands because of his availability towards God’s ability to change his life.

If you want to learn more about Jim stay plugged into this blog, and furthermore, if you’d like to get in contact with Jim be sure to go to our “Contact Us” page.

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