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Preparing Your Home for the Summer

Preparing for SummerGradually, cold southerly winds move away, and give way to some rays of sunshine that anticipate a summer that gets it. March, synonymous with spring, has not yet decided between leaving the cold and give us the first heat.

So that summer does not grab us unaware, and leave us to suffer the heat indoors in Nekko and Joruba we wanted prepare you so you can start preparing your patio and enjoy one of the best seasons.

Cleans and restore your floors

Take your time, and sweep the patio or terrace of your house. Remove from the depths of the cracks, crevices, all signs of dirt, leaves and other rubbish that detracts beauty.

Then you can use a spray to stop the dust. If you have a patio with wooden floor, considered restore and reseal the timber. It is an effort that will pay off.

Clean your garden furniture

Cleaning the patio and furniture is something that we ignore the general cleaning during the winter. With the first heat waves and spring air, it’s time to do wonders for your home.

Forgotten are in the garden furniture, which have gathered ground during the cold months. You can encourage your kids for a little help, and with a few moist wipes leave your furniture looking new.

Preparing for Sumer 2
Update your cushions and umbrella

If despite all efforts, your furniture still not give the desired look, maybe it’s time to change. But if the structures are in good condition, perhaps by changing the cushions is sufficient.

Do not forget the umbrella for the sun. If yours has more holes parasol, or directly not have one, it’s time to get a new one.

Add some potted flowers

The color of beautiful flowers gives a very special touch outdoor space. Garnish with a variety of colorful summer flowers windows, walls, and grass. If you are an amateur gardener, will be an easy task, but a challenge, but worth it.

Preparing for Sumer 3
Add solar lights

If there is a path of stones or tiles in your yard, add nice solar lights to illuminate it will be very nice. These solar lights are very easy to install, plus it does not consume electricity, and will not increase your electricity bill.

Protection from insects

While heat is what most enjoyable summer and the outdoors, insects and pests are the least enjoyable part. To prevent these bugs do not enjoy your yard, you can use citronella candles or torches. These are available in a variety of styles and colors, to find the chord to your garden.

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